Fireside Chalet and Cabin Rentals

Hours of Operation: Monday - Sunday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Rental Policies/Agreement

Please note: You must be 21 years of age to rent a one and two bedroom cabin or chalet.

You must be 25 years of age to rent a three bedroom and larger cabin or chalet.


Rates: Rates are subject to change without notice. Fireside Chalets LLC will not be responsible for errors  on confirmations, email, etc. In addition to room rate there will be a cabin set up fee, taxes, a processing fee, and if applicable, a pet fee. Only one coupon or discount per stay. Coupons and discounts are only valid prior to final payment. Some restrictions apply.

Minimum Stay: There is a 2 night minimum stay except during Holidays. October and special events   there is a nightly minimum. We require a nightly minimums on certain Holidays.

Check-in Procedures: Check-in time begins after 4:00pm. During Peak Times there may be a delay and your patience is appreciated. Please call our office if you need assistance with directions at 865-774-4121. You will be required to have a valid driver’s license, and an imprint of your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover for a damage deposit. If you do not have a Credit/ Debit, Visa/Mastercard/Discover, you will be required to pay a cash deposit which will be determined by cabin. A check for a cash deposit will be returned by mail within ten (10) days after your departure, providing there are no damages or missing items. You are responsible for all damages incurred by your party. Call us to add another guest to your reservation for check-in. If guests in your party are going to arrive later, please register their names at the office. 

Refrigerator: Placing warm food will cause the refrigerator to work very hard to cool your food. Check the freezer to see if the refrigerator is working properly. Please be patient, it could take a couple of hours for your food to cool. If the freezer is not working, contact the office so that we may contact the appropriate repair service and have this repaired as quickly as possible.

Late Arrivals:  We would like to encourage you to check in during operating hours so that we may assist you in locating your cabin. Paperwork must be completed 10 days prior to the arrival date. After hours emergency answering service number is 865-774-4121.

Check-Out Procedures: Check-out time is before 10:00am. Late check outs are not allowed. Additional days may be available, please contact the office for availability. 1. In summer, set the thermostat at 75 degrees. In winter, set at 65 degrees. Fans stay on auto. 2. Wash all dishes or place them in the dishwasher and turn it onto the cleaning cycle. 3. Trash should be bagged and put in the outside garbage cans. For your convenience, additional garbage drop off area is located at 2612 High Valley Drive Pigeon Forge, TN 37863. Dumpsters are located at this location. 4. Place furniture in the original position. 5. Leave bed linens on the bed. Place wet towels in one location on the bathroom floor. 6. Turn all lights and small appliances off. 7. Lock all doors and windows upon departure. If you have an alarm cabin, please set alarm when leaving. If these things are not done there will be a charge against your deposit or imprint of your card. There will be a charge if proper procedures are not taken care of.

Payment: All paperwork, government issued ID, credit card, and balance must be paid in full 10 days before the arrival date. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Prior arrangements need to be made if special assistance is needed for check in. Call our office at 865-774-4121 prior to 10 days before your arrival date.

Keys:  Some cabins come equipped with key boxes that hold keys. There is a $125.00 charge per key that is not returned to the keybox upon check-out. 

Occupancy: The cabin will only accommodate the number of guests that the cabin will sleep due to Fire Marshal Code. Occupancy is strictly enforced. NO HOUSE PARTIES ARE ALLOWED. Only the amount of guests that are registered are allowed on the premises. Guests violating these rules will be asked to leave the premises forfeiting all remaining rent. 

Group Policies: The units that you have reserved can be located in different areas, and some cabins/chalets will have different amenities that others do not. Unit occupancy is restricted to the number of people that the cabin will sleep. This is due to Fire Marshall Codes, and will be strictly enforced (for safety). No congregating is allowed on stairways and decks as the supports are not designed for large groups of people. No parties of any sort are allowed, and any activities that disturb the peace will result in you being asked to leave and will forfeit any remaining rent. You will be responsible for any damages to the unit. There is a Security Deposit held until all cabins booked for the group have been inspected. Additional charges may be applied. There is an extra charge if there is excessive cleaning or trash pickup needed for the units. The person responsible for each cabin is the person that registers, signs The Rental Policies, and secures the deposit on the cabin. Please have prior arrangements made for the person responsible for the group reservation to check-in to all cabins/chalets. When staying in several different cabins, please make sure all items and furnishings remain at the cabin that it is located in (this includes outside furnishings). Pre-payment (full balance) is required 60 days prior to arrival. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Vehicle information will also be needed for one vehicle at each cabin. Some cabins will only have space for 2 vehicles. If your group has a van or a bus, please check with the office to make sure that the cabin/chalet you are taking a bus to has sufficient room to turn around and to park safely. All groups are required to purchase trip insurance.

Pets: As we may have guests with allergies, we have established a NO PETS policy except in cabins that allow pets. We accept Dogs ONLY. Most pet-friendly cabins do not allow a dog larger than 35 pounds. We do have a few that will allow a larger dog. Ask a reservationist for details. Number of pets are restricted. If a pet is found in a cabin that is not pet-friendly, you will be asked to leave the premises forfeiting all remaining rent and security deposit. There will also be an additional charge for cleaning the carpet and furniture. We require that pet owners clean up after their pets inside and outside of the cabin. Refrain from letting the dog sleep in the beds or on the bed covers. Please do not allow your dog to lie down or sit on fabric sofa or chairs. This is to prevent any problems with fleas and to prevent extra cleaning charges for excessive hair or dirt (which will be charged back to the guest). If the pet sheds excessively or there is extra cleaning required there will be an extra charge to the guest. No pets are allowed in whirlpools, bathtubs, and hot tubs. All guests must be in compliance with the Tennessee Leash Law. All dogs must be kept on a leash while being walked. Take in consideration your fellow neighbors who may be disturbed from your dog's barking. Keep in mind there is a Noise and Nuisance Ordinance Law. If we get a complaint, you may be asked to leave. If a Guest is found violating any of the pet terms and conditions the guest will be charged additional fees. There is a $75.00-$150.00 dollar non-refundable pet fee depending on size of pet. Dogs are not to be left unattended. Dogs need to be crated when left inside premises alone. Pet owner takes full responsibility of damages caused by their pet. Fireside Chalets and property owners assume no responsibility for your pet.

Non-Smoking: All cabins and chalets have a no smoking policy. The Non-Smoking policy is strictly enforced.

Monitoring Equipment - Renter here by acknowledges some properties may have some outdoor monitoring equipment. 

Bugs and Animals: During your stay, you may find occasional “uninvited guest”. While each of our properties are professionally treated by A Licensed Pest Control Company on a monthly basis, we hope that you will appreciate the fact that being in the heart of the National Park does create certain challenges in the area. Here are some insects that you may run across during your stay here: Lady Bugs, Cluster Flies, Millipedes, Wood Roaches, Scorpions, Carpenter Bees, and Wasp.

Guest Responsibilities: Guests will assume full responsibility for damages, excessive cleaning charges or missing items from the cabins due to negligence.

Vehicles: Fireside Chalets and Individual Property owners are not responsible for any vehicles. Some of our roads are impassible if bringing a motorcycle, bus, trailer, etc. We do have accommodations on flat areas just ask your reservationist for more details. Due to weather and mountainous areas, four-wheel drive and chains may be required in mountain areas.

Cancellation Policy and Refunds: If for any reason you should need to cancel, please call our office with a 60 day notice and you will only forfeit ½ of your balance required to reserve. Under the 60 day notice you will forfeit the amount paid. We do offer Trip insurance that can be purchased. Ask a reservationist for more information. Trip Insurance is non refundable once the policy is purchased. If you fail to call and cancel your stay, no credits are applicable. In the event of failure of appliances, whirlpools, hot tub, central heat and air, any public utilities to include satellite/cable, we will make every effort to correct the malfunction as soon as possible. Neither the rental company nor the property owners will be obligated to refund in the event of failure. You are responsible for the entire booking once your reservation has been made and confirmed. There will be a $100.00 plus tax fee for any changes (change in cabins, dates, and rescheduling) made to your reservation. Changes are only allowed 30 days prior to arrival. Within 30 days there are no reservation changes. 

Satisfaction Pledge:  If the cabin you have reserved will not accommodate your needs, we will be glad to see what other options we have available. Prices may vary and specials are non-transferable. Fireside Chalets has a 2 hour timeline from the initial check-in to address any concerns you may have. Please call our office within 2 hours of checking in the cabin. We will be glad to address any concerns or refund you in full if you would like to find other accommodations. After the first two hours, we understand that you accept the cabin as satisfactory and there will be no refunds to your bill for any reason. Any issues that arise during your stay that do not fall within this guarantee should be reported to the office immediately for resolution.  

Refunds: No refunds for any reason. This includes weather conditions as we have reserved the dates for your enjoyment. Trip Insurance is available for purchase.

Deposit: A payment of half of the full balance will secure your reservation for your stay, which will be applied towards your balance. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. An imprint of your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover will be required before check-in for a damage deposit. In the event you don’t have a credit card, a cash deposit is required-amount depends on cabin. A check for cash deposits will be mailed within ten (10) days after your departure, providing there are no damages or missing items. You will be asked to provide a valid government ID for verification of person who is renting the cabin and showing the responsible party of the cabin. 

Pool , Hot Tub, Suana, and Spa Rules and Waiver of Liability and Indemnification: We are pleased to offer access to swimming pools, hot tubs, spa amenities, and any equipment related to the forgoing (collectively hereafter referred to as “Pools and Hot Tubs”) as part of the rental of certain properties. By renting such a property, you hereby agree to the terms of this Waiver of Liability and Indemnification on behalf of yourself and all guests using the property and associated Pools and Hot Tubs. Unsafe and/or unsupervised use of the Pools and Hot Tubs by any guest is a material breach of your rental agreement and shall permit us to terminate your rental immediately and without notice. By renting a property through us, you acknowledge the following:

Use of any Pool or Hot Tub carries risks that may result in serious injury or death. No jumping or diving is allowed. You shall ensure that the Pool and/or Hot Tub are used in a safe manner at all times and that non adult use of the Pool and/or hot Tub is supervised by a qualified and capable adult. Persons under the age of 12 are prohibited from entering hot tubs at any time. All children using any Pool or Hot Tub shall be supervised at all times to decrease risk of injury, death or drowning. We do not provide lifeguards for any of the Pools or Hot Tubs. No glass should be used in or near the Pools or Hot Tubs.

Use of the Pools and Hot Tubs could subject users to certain risks including the risk of drowning, slipping and falling, other accident-related injuries, and certain health related risks including, without limitation, the transmittal of certain bacteria and maladies known as hot tub rash, hot tub lung, and/or folliculitis. All bathers must shower before and after use to decrease the possibility of skin problems. Swimsuits used in natural bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and streams must be laundered before use of the Pools and Hot Tubs.

Pregnant women, persons taking medication, elderly persons, those with diabetes, low or high blood pressure, history of strokes, epilepsy, heart disease or other cardiovascular conditions should consult their physician prior to using any Pool or Hot Tub.

Never use a Pool or Hot Tub while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if you are taking medications of any kind, or are being treated for any illness.

All Hot Tubs should be kept at a temperature less than 104 degrees for personal safety.

Guests are prohibited from Tampering with Pools or Hot Tubs. If any Guest is found to have tampered with a Pool or Hot Tub, they will be responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of the tampering. Any excessive cleaning required for any Pool or Hot Tub will result in additional expenses being the responsibility of the guest. Guest acknowledges and accepts all responsibility for the safety of all individuals approved or unapproved, including children, while using a Hot Tub, Pool, Sauna, and Spa.

All guests shall observe and follow the posted rules for Pool and Hot Tub use.

All guests shall report unsafe conditions to Fireside Chalets immediately.

By renting a cabin through Fireside Chalets that includes a Pool or Hot Tub, you hereby RELEASE, WAIVE, INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS AND AGREE NOT TO SUE Fireside Chalets, its officers, directors, members, managers, employees, and agents and the owner(s) of the Unit (the “Indemnified Persons”) for any and all loss, liability, damage, cost, claim or demand on account of harm, illness, or injury to the person(s) or property of any Guest, including, without limitation, death of you or any guest. CAUTION: THIS IS A RELEASE, WAIVER AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT AND BY SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT YOU ARE RELEASING CERTAIN LEGAL RIGHTS AND CLAIMS. BY SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT YOU ACKNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE READ THE FOREGOING AGREEMENT AND FULLY UNDERSTAND IT AND INTEND TO BE BOUND BY IT. ADDITIONALLY BY SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT YOU ACKNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE RECEIVED A COPY OF FIRESIDE CHALET’S RULES AND REGULATIONS.

Hot Tub Use SpecificallyHot tub covers are inspected after each rental. Damages to any cover will result in a $450.00 charge. Please use care when removing and replacing the cover to prevent damages. Keep Hot tub covers on when not in use. Hot tubs will continually circulate; do not turn off. There will be additional fees if you use bubbles or oils in the hot tub. Do not wear jewelry in the tub. Wearing make-up may cause a reaction due to the chemicals in the tub. Hot tub chemicals in hot tub may react to hair colors or chemicals. If you are sensitive to the chemicals, please do not use the Hot Tub. We recommend showering before and after each use of the Hot Tub. If you have any medical conditions please contact your physician before using the hot tub. Please check water temperatures in the whirlpool, bath, and hot tub before entering. Use hot tub at your own risk.

Pool Tables: Some cabins have a Pool Table. There will be a $45.00 charge to replace broken pool sticks. If the felt is damaged on the table there will be a $450.00 charge to replace the felt. Please be careful when playing pool, so that other guests may enjoy use of the pool table too. Do not move the Pool Tables. There will be additional charges if pool tables are moved back to original position and re-leveled.

Trash & Littering: We ask that you do not litter. Because of wild animals in certain areas, we have for your convenience garbage receptacles located beside our office for excessive garbage.

Fireplaces: Wood: If you have a wood burning fireplace, use extreme care with the fireplace ashes and smoking materials. We do not supply kindling or firewood. Please bring your own. Dispose of ashes in the metal ash bucket or ash can only. Please do not leave the chalet while fire is burning. Open damper before building a fire. Please do not toss hot wood into the yard. Mountains are vulnerable to forest fires. Fireplace is in operation October 1st through April 1st. While Fireplace are in operation, please turn fans and central heat and air off in the cabin. This will prevent the smoke from being pulled into the cabin while in use. Gas Fireplaces: If you have a gas burning fireplace, do not move or tamper with the gas logs. Do not put anything in the fireplace. When turning our gas fireplaces on, please look for the timer located on the wall or close by to the fireplace. Once you turn the timer on, please do not force it off. Most gas fireplaces will have a pilot light that stays on.

Grills: Charcoal: Never leave hot coals unattended. Please do not toss hot coals in the yard of the cabin. Gas: Do not remove the lava bricks. Do not put charcoal in the gas grills. There will be additional charges, plus it is extremely dangerous.

Telephone Service: Some Units Provide Phone Service. Local calls are free. Long Distance phone calls are blocked. Prepaid calling cards or any other card using a 1-800 number to access is accepted. Cell Phone Service not guaranteed at cabins.

Satellite TV Service: Most of the cabins will have blocks on Pay-Per View movies. Ordering movies or shows on Pay-Per view is not allowed. You will be charged for any Pay Per View movies and shows that are watched or attempted to receive during your stay. These transactions are shown on the owner’s bill.

Personal Items: Fireside Chalets and Individual Property Owners are not responsible for any personal items. Guests are also advised that Fireside Chalets does not provide in-unit safes or other mechanisms for safekeeping of valuables, nor are we able to provide such services at our office. For that reason, guests are advised not to bring valuables of any kind with them to their unit, and to the extent that they choose to do so, are strongly advised to take those valuables with them each time they leave the unit, as Fireside Chalets nor the unit owner(s) shall be responsible for the loss of these valuables or any other item of guest’s personal property. Use of illegal drugs or possession of illegal firearms are prohibited at all of our rental homes. If you are found to have either in your possession you will be asked to leave with no money refunded and you could face local prosecution. Fireside Chalets reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to any person violating the policies or procedures of Fireside Chalets. Should Fireside Chalets and/or the owners for which it manages property be required to take legal action to enforce their rights under this agreement and the other agreements which guest will acknowledge signing and reviewing prior to check-in, they shall be entitled to recover legal fees, court costs, collections fees, discretionary costs and any other suit expenses incurred. Please note that the guest whose name is on the reservation shall be fully responsible for the conduct of him/herself and all guests in and visitors to the unit during their stay. The guests and visitors may also be individually liable as well.

Care of Homes: Please treat the cabins as your own home. Leave them in proper order.

Respect to Neighbors: Please be a good neighbor. Respect quiet time. If we are contacted due to disturbances, you will be asked to leave the premises forfeiting all remaining rent.

Guests staying at Shagbark Community, River Pointe, Sky Harbour, Bluff Mountain, and Ski Mountain: If you are staying in the Shagbark Area, please be aware they do not allow ATV’s, RV’s, Campers or Trailers. If you are staying in the River Pointe area, only park on the concrete pads, NOT the grass or in the street. Please inform the reservationist if you are towing a trailer/camper. There is also a car maximum at some of our areas. Shagbark does not allow any massage therapist companies in the area. Sky Harbour, Bluff Mountain, Ski Mountain, and other mountain areas require 4 wheel drive and chains in inclement weather. 

Weather Related: The weather in Tennessee in unpredictable. In case of impassable roads, we will try and accommodate you with another cabin, but additional room rate may be required. If it is calling for inclement weather while you are staying with us, please make sure you get all supplies needed in case of power outage (flashlights, matches, imperishable food, bottled water, etc,.) Fireside Chalets and individual property owners are not responsible for maintaining the conditions of roads, decks, and driveways in the event of snow, ice, rain, etc,. All of our units are located on county and city roads and are not maintained by the rental agency or homeowner. For immediate assistance or emergency service please call 911. Fireside Chalets will not perform “Rescue Missions”. The guests take full responsibility for their safety as well as the passengers in the vehicle. The guest also understands that Fireside Chalets and Individual Owners are not responsible for any loss or damage that may result from traveling in inclement weather. We recommend Trip insurance. FourWheel drive, snow chains, and all emergency equipment are required in mountain areas during inclement weather.

Liability: This rental program is under management of Fireside Chalets, LLC., who acts only as an agent for the owners. Under no circumstances will Fireside Chalets LLC be responsible for any loss, expense, damage, claims, injury, direct or indirect, consequential or inconsequential or otherwise. Fireside Chalets reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to any person and/or rescind any contract for accommodations or guests. All properties are privately owned; The management company, Fireside Chalets, and the homeowner will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or loss of money, jewelry, valuables of any kind. If legal action is need, guest will be responsible for all legal fees. Guest is responsible for everyone in their party.

After Hours calls: There may be a fee for some after-hours emergency calls. (Example: $55.00 locking yourself out). The After Hours On Call Service phone number is 865-774-4121.

Lost and Found: Fireside Chalets will not be responsible for any items left in the cabin. Please check your cabin before departing. If you request for us to go look for a lost item, there will be a $50.00 charge. Guest is responsible for pick up for lost item or cost of mailing company if found. Ask reservations for the businesses in the area that will pick up and package your items. All lost items will be turned over to Goodwill after 15 days if not picked up. Firearms will be turned over to the Police. Fireside Chalets, LLC is the management company for the rental unit in which you will be staying and acts as an agent for the owner(s) of the unit. Neither Fireside Chalets LLC nor the unit owner(s) will be responsible for any loss, expense, damage, claims, injury to person or property, attorney fees, costs or otherwise arising from guest’s rental or stay.

Supplies: If you are staying for several days, you may want to bring additional towels and beach towels for the hot tub. You may also want to bring some soap to wash your towels in the cabins that are equipped with a washer and a dryer. At Fireside Chalets, we try to be an Environmentally-friendly company and if you can hang your towels and re-use them during your visit this will help us have a lower impact on the environment. We do supply the basics but for extended stays you may want to bring additional supplies. Do not damage the linens. Please use them for proper use. Improper use (washing your vehicle) will result in a charge for damages. Each cabin is supplied with a limited complimentary supply to get your vacation started. Linen amount supplied or listed below is only the amount supplied in each cabin. For cabins without washer and dryers, there are several laundry mats conveniently located around town. To keep rates from increasing, we can only supply the complimentary amount of supplies and linens. If you request additional supplies or linens, additional charges will apply.




Hand Towels

Kitchen Towels

1 Bedroom





2 Bedrooms





3-4 Bedrooms





5-6 Bedrooms





# of Linens depend on occupancy limit per cabin

2 small bars of bath soap, 1 garbage bag, 1 small dish wash soap, 1 roll of tissue per bathroom, linens for bed (including sleeper sofa).

Thank you! Enjoy your stay at Fireside Chalets.

                        This is notification of your reservation agreement. This will be included in your check in paperwork to sign.